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That’s right. Not a call to arms. Calls to arm.

It’s a common theme in our increasingly modernized world. Arguably, it is probably the theme of our age.

Growing interconnected globalization through rising social media and communications technology

So, now what?

Causes and movements have more potential than ever before to reform and renew our world. Suddenly, the engines for social change are within our grasps — the grasps of the common folk, the ones who by making an individual effort to reach out and connect with others, can create collective effort to change the world.

I’ve often have difficulty reconciling the individualistic and collectivist ideals of my American and Japanese heritage, respectively. I’m starting to see how they can not only coexist but collaborate towards a better unified identity.

How they can work together to transform an idea into a reality.

Here is my dilemma then:

Yes, causes have more power than ever before to be fulfilled, to be seen through.

The problem is, there are so many causes now, all equally important in their own way, to those people devoted to them.

For example, to list a few:

  • legalized, pro-choice abortion
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Kony 2012
  • conservation efforts
  • anti-animal cruelty
  • anti-ableism
  • go green
  • the 99%/Occupy
  • anti-harassment and bullying
  • educational reform

The list is quite literally endless. We’re humans; it’s as if it’s written in our genetic makeup to fail somewhere, to royally screw up. Yet we’re humans and we try to solve these problems we’ve created because on no account should others, whether that means people, animals, or the Earth, should suffer the consequences of our actions.

Everyone deserves a chance at the life they want, right?

So many causes, so now it’s more of a question of which to choose. But it’s so hard to ignore all the calls to arm in favor of one or two (or if you’re superhuman, more than that). There’s so many people in the world now that each cause will get at least some number of people behind them; on the individual level, though, how can you simply choose which cause(s) to devote yourself to? It’s the logical, sensible thing to do, after all, there’s only so much you can do on an individual level, yet it seems so cruel at the same time.

Because by choosing, it’s almost as if you’re announcing what’s more important to you.

Actually, wait, let me rephrase myself. ‘Choose’ might be the wrong word to use, and besides, each person devotes him/herself differently. Some people might donate to a lot of causes but that’s as far as their activism goes; shallow involvement but spread over a wide area. Then there are those people who devote themselves solely to one cause, who are the leaders of movements. Deep and focused but only in one specific area; they’re so rigorously involved in that one movement that they just can’t spare any more effort and attention to any other causes. After all, we’re only human.

I’m of the second type — I have a cause of my own that I want to pursue, to fulfill. I want to instigate social reform. CHANGE. (Such a charged word). But now, there’s a new bent, one that I’m literally trying to work through right now.

I’m wondering if there’s a third type. A type who, through one cause, interconnects various others, thus creating a meta-movement.

My cause, which I might detail later in a different entry, admittedly doesn’t compare to a movement like Kony 2012, which is about stopping the horrific atrocities one man commits against hundreds of thousands of children in Uganda.

Yet it’s important in its own way because ensuring the happiness of all people is important.

It also has a certain degree of flexibility, I think, if I just tilt my head and consider it in a new light. Flexibility that might be able to accomodate other causes, contribute to them in some way as the original cause is fulfilled.

Flexibility that might enable that cause to become a meta-movement — a cause for causes.

It’s extremely terrifying and thrilling idea to think about — creating a meta-movement.

But why the hell not? We’re becoming a more interconnected, global community; why not start to interconnect our individual causes?

Because face it, each cause might look like it’s fighting for different things on the surface but each and every one of them have a fundamental principle driving them.

Call it what you will (freedom, happiness, love, etc.), each and every single being that breathes in the air of this world deserves a chance to fully enjoy and experience all that it has to offer.

We all have a basic, human right.

Let’s fight for that, shall we?


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