New York Rewind

May 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

So. First year of college has officially ended. It’s done and over with, dead and long gone. The end has come and all that fabulous shizz. I might do some reflective crap about my first year later but right now, I just want to go over the highlights of the 2.5 day trip to New York five other friends and I embarked upon.

Oh, the Big Apple. The last time I visited was when my mom and I were moving my brother into college, or more specifically, NYU. Ten years ago.

For the sake of privacy, I shall refer to my friends as A, B, C, D, and J. Ahahaha, you thought I was going to say E, weren’t you? Sorry, I’ll stop being cheesy but really, those are the initials of their first names.

We left Boston and took the Bolt Bus to New York but it was so maddening because there was this bus driver who just hijacked a ride, taking up two whole seats because he “had a bad knee” but the bus was fully booked, which meant that there were two passengers who got left behind even though they had paid for those seats. But the mooching ass of a driver was a friend of our bus driver, and there was all this bureaucratic bullshittery so the passengers had to step off and hopefully find seats on the next available bus and who knew when that was. My friends and I were so pissed; J sent an angry email to Bolt company and other passengers were calling customer service to rant into the poor representative’s ear. Personally, C and I wanted to kick the freeloader off but D told us he probably needs to get to New York for another job so we just sat and stewed in our seats.

Then the next adventure was when we arrived in New York. Apparently, there wasn’t an actual station for the bus to pull into so we, as in us passengers, just got vomited unto some random street in the heart of New York. Then my five friends and I had to lug all of our shit for a good forty minutes to the hotel because D got us lost and we actually went in some weird direction that was like the long way to the hotel, and basically we were all just cranky from sore feet and luggage troubles and bag shuffling and all that lovely crap.

All six of us were staying in one dinky hotel room at the W, which is near 49th and Lexington. The catch is that the hotel room is only for two people though so we had to be “sneaky,” and enter and leave in pairs and triples.

D and J are both guys, and the room was reserved under D’s name, so they took all the heaviest luggage first to check in. The rest of us waited a block away, and they were taking a really long time so we were all a little ruffled when we all finally settled into the room, which was pretty small. But apparently, the reason it took so long was because D and J were switching rooms with the help of the concierge guy. The first room was even smaller and “literally smelled like shit” as D said so we got a free upgrade to a bigger room.

After resting our feet for a bit, we eventually headed out to check Times Square in all its urban sparkling glory. Night had fallen by this time so we got the full blazing effect of all the lights and neon. We also ate at a Japanese donburi-ya, which is like big bowls of rice with different kinds of toppings but the restaurant also served other dishes. My friend D and I both got the ishiyaki sauce udon which is cooked in this stone bowl so the udon noodles get this nice sear to them.

At Times Square, we visited the M&M store and the Hershey’s store, which are across from each other, as well as the humongous Disney store. A and D had great fun teasing me about my small size by holding up baby clothes, and cooing about how it “just fit perfectly!”

In front of the Disney store, there were these two guys trying to sell a CD of theirs or something. They gave a CD to B and “asked” for a small donation so he gave them their CD back and dashed off. What’s funny, though, is that B said his name was J so they tried to run after him in a New York crowd, calling out J’s name. Meanwhile, J is in the Disney store with the rest of us and wondering why these two guys were calling his name so angrily. Double troll = success.

Then that night, when we returned to the hotel room, after cursing out the hotel for being cheap and not allowing us to hook up our computers to the TV to watch movies (the plugs were blocked), and we were all just chilling in our pajamas, we hear the door rattle followed by a card swipe and click. One of the biggest ‘oh shit’ moments of our lives. These two guys try to enter our room so D goes straight up to block the view and J comes out of the bathroom with only boxers and a razor. The two guys back out really fast and are apologizing profusely, and D heads down to the desk to find out what happened. Apparently, when the concierge switched the rooms he forgot to notify the front desk about the change. But the really funny thing was that the guy who almost walked in kept apologizing to D and saying that he was so glad he “didn’t walk in when things were starting to get inappropriate” and that he was “so sorry for ruining your guys’ night” and so on and so forth.

And so, our room unofficially becomes the “HOT GAY SEX” room.

D and J start joking about it, and even give each other pet names like “Honeyballs” and “Pedro”. Don’t ask.

The next day, we visited MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and we all made weird faces at the displays. Sorry, artists, but how do you call a single nylon filament stretched floor to ceiling “art”? I almost ran into it — it’s practically invisible. My favorite exhibits though were definitely Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Monet’s Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond, and the exhibition Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream.

Then we got some delicious gyros from a stand that J insisted we try (he’s from New Jersey/New York so it’s kind of his turf) which I proceeded to spill all over my dress. That was fun.

After that, we walked over to the Rockefeller Center to check out the Nintendo World store and Lego store. We bought pokemon figurines (I got Lugia and Pikachu).

We went back to the hotel at that point since we were all tired. I actually fell asleep when we got back and didn’t wake up till the middle of the night. We played card games and at some point during the night, the guest next door came to our room with two large bouncers to tell us to shut up. They probably expected to break up a drunken rave, not some guys playing cards. (I was hiding under the bed and some of the others were behind the wall).

On Day Two, we took the Metro to Chinatown and also visited Little Italy and the SoHo district. Everyone got so excited over these Japanese pens they found in this one store, I thought it was hilarious. Then we went to American Apparel where D proceeded to try on the silliest combination of clothes that didn’t fit; it was just absolutely eye-burning.

The biggest highlight of the day for me was visiting Obscura, which is the store featured on Discovery’s show “Oddities” which I highly recommend if you’re into the strange, creepy, and weird. I really wanted to get something like vintage safety goggles or something but everything was just too damn expensive so I ended up just getting a shirt instead.

Oh, and another funny thing: I wasn’t there but apparently when D was leaving the hotel that morning, he ran into the concierge again, who asked, “So, how was your and your companion’s night?” And D just smiled and said fine, but we all thought it was so hilarious that the hotel thought D and J were a gay a couple, especially since J is actually dating C, who’s a girl. And of course, there were the requisite musings about the who the hotel thought was “pitcher” or “catcher”.

After Obscura, we all ate at Olive Garden (breadsticks all the way!) and visited the Sanrio store and the gigantic Toys’R’Us (no, we did not get to ride the ferris wheel — a shame, I know). We all had great fun being ten-year-olds again. D and I also wanted to go to Uniqlo, which is like a Japanese Gap, but we ran out of time. (Note: apparently Martin Freeman favors Uniqlo as his jeans of choice, and yes, I will take silly pride as a Japanese from that because I love MF and I think he’s a freaking BAMF.)

That night, we played cards again in the hotel room but we tried to keep it down so we didn’t have a repeat of last night with the bouncers. And that’s when we learned that B takes losing and being the “asshole” of the game “President” very sorely. We were all afraid he cracked or something because he would laugh maniacally every time he screwed one of us over, and so on. And then D had to go and make things worse because he was out to get B for something or other, but J wouldn’t let him and A was being pretty mean and ruthless too, and basically it was a riot because everyone was making such a great deal over a silly card game.

And that’s how we closed our New York trip; making death threats to each other over a card game. But it was all in good fun.


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