Call on the Muses I

June 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just a little exercise to help with my edit-and-stall-as-I-write problem.

Here, you can try it out, too:
~ Play your music on shuffle. Make a playlist if you want.
~ Don’t watch the time.
~ Don’t skip.
~ Write whatever story comes into your head for the duration of the song.
~ When the song ends, finish whatever thought/sentence you were on.
~ Create a new story with the new song.

Have fun!

Also, if you’d like to see any of these bits continued, just leave a comment. (^_^)

Thanks and enjoy!

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The Maiko and the Crane

June 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Glossary of Japanese terms available at the end.


One day, perched primly on the veranda like a young nestling, a young maiko gazed dreamily at the rear garden, distracted from the tangled embroidery on the kimono resting in her lap. The garden was small, but neatly tended to with each detail meticulously arranged just so. There was a tiny rock garden to the right which melted into a silently rippling sand garden in the middle before dissolving into a bijou pond, glassy and still as a mirror while delicate pink flowers like teacups floated on the dark surface. Overlooking the pond was a short, stout stone lantern, currently unlit. And beyond all this stretched the pale green of the bamboo forest, tall, thin stalks swaying in some intangible breeze while the leaves conversed in their susurrous language.

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PSY 15 – Theories of Personality

June 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Is a discontinued course at my college.

To my extreme sadness. I really wanted to take it. That’s actually the kind of psychology I want to explore — the scientific/biological basis behind behavior, emotion, and personality. How much is genetic/inherited? How much is formed by the individual? Influenced by the environment? Are there basic “types”? Or are people as varied as snowflakes?

So . . . . needless to say, I have an interest in personalities, personality typing, and personality theories. It’s like this almost contradictory desire because I like to believe that personalities are unbounded and ultimately undefinable yet I have this obsession with categorizing, defining, breaking down into types, trends, etc.

Though I feel like I’m not alone in this obsession with the current trends of “What House would you be Sorted into?” and “What would your daemon be?” and “What would your Homestuck title and land be?” and the like.

So this is just a collection of the many different kinds of personality tests and quizzes I’ve taken. Links are provided if you want to take a crack at them yourself.

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June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

She softly shuts the door behind her, numb to everything. There’s a roaring white silence deafening her ears and a lukewarm fogginess blurring her eyes.

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